Dispensing Applications

Vacuum Potting, Bonding, Sealing, Foaming And Coating - All From One Hand.

Whether it is automotive electronics, electrical, filter, medical or other industries - we are your provider for professional mixing and dispensing technology.

Our long experience as a manufacturer of dispensing equipment guarantees process stability for your application. We provide high end dispensing and encapsulation equipment technology from the material preparation to the application of liquid until paste-like reactive resins such as polyurethanes, epoxies and silicone. 


Vacuum Potting Equipment

Vacuum encapsulation with material to protect against external influences

  • Cable penetrations
  • Sensors



Vacuum potting

Encapsulation equipment with material to protect against external influences under vacuum potting conditions

  • Cable penetrations
  • Sensors

Application of thermal conductive pastes

Applying of thermal conductive pastes

  • Heat sinks
  • PCBs

Sealing with Encapsulation Equipment

Application of cured/formed-in-place gaskets

  • Casing 
  • Case cover 


Adhesive application for bonding various materials with vacuum potting equipment

  • Bonding of door handles
  • Bonding of lamps for truck loading racks




Spraying of protective coatings on e.g. PCBs or electronic components with vacuum potting equipment


Applying liquid foamed gaskets with vacuum encapsulation equipment

  • Car windows
  • Filters