Impregnation Technology

Whether trickling, roll dipping, hot dipping, vertical dipping or potting -- our impregnation solutions ensure a reliable process to guarantee a high quality and continuous impregnation result. Our trickling and dipping equipment is used to impregnate and cure electro-technical wounded objects. Our large product portfolio goes from small stand-alone to high-volume machines for impregnation solutions. 

Why Impregnating?

  • To glue coils and provide mechanical strength
  • To provide thermal and environmental resistance
  • To improve heat transfer
  • To replace the air in the insulating system
  • To reinforce the electrical insulation

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Temperature stable impregnation of transformers, electrical motors, generators and windings requires the highest process stability. See here how we achieve this through impregnation solutions.

Component transportation

Smooth production flow due to an optimal component transportation

  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • Camera monitoring
  • Cyclical component transportation
  • Continuous component rotation


Temperature management

The components are regulated heated up to a required temperature level with various heating methods during the individual process steps

  • Hot air
  • Infrared
  • Current heating "Joule Effect"
  • Induction heating


Impregnation Solutions

Depending on the form and size of your component we offer the suitable impregnation solutions procedure

  • Trickling
  • Roll dipping
  • Hot dipping
  • Vertical dipping
  • Potting (vacuum)


Process control for impregnation technology

Our impregnation plants offer control and regulation circuits for the process stability

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Trickling nozzle control
  • Rotation speed control