Plasma Treatment Systems

Process competence

Plasma pre-treatment systems

bdtronic plasma surface treatment systems offer an up-to-date pre-treatment method for a durable adhesion. See here in detail how perfect the bdtronic Plasma VP4 technology works.

Atmospheric pressure plasma

Atmospheric plasma systems usually require only air and electricity to optimally prepare surfaces before adhesion processes. The plasma heads on these plasma surface treatment systems are space-saving and can be easily integrated into any automation solution, for example together with dispensing heads or in continuous production lines. 


Low pressure plasma BPS-LP

Under the trademark BPS-LP we offer you inline-capable low pressure plasma surface treatment systems. Those devices can be integrated before a fully-automated vacuum dispensing process to improve the flow properties, adhesion as well as a long-term stable density. The available chamber volume on plasma adhesion systems is adjusted for typical work piece conveying systems.


Process control of plasma treatment systems

Our plasma surface treatment systems are equipped with tamper-proof control PCs to ensure process safety for your applications. The systems also provide continuous monitoring and control functions.