Contract Manufacturing/Sampling

Close Your Production Gaps 

Are you waiting for your new machine to be installed? Do you need samples or have to pass small production bottlenecks?

Use our modern machinery and bypass small production bottlenecks with our help. We offer you solutions for potting, bonding or sealing of parts for medical, electrical, filter industries and more. The benefit of contract manufacturing of the above-mentioned cases is obvious: high quality and short lead times.

To learn more about our Sampling and Contract Manufacturing, or to see if bdtronic can add value to your automation process please call us or fill out our easy to use form located here or at the bottom of this page.

Samples or Production


Whether samples or small series production - we can produce for you. Use our modern and well-equipped machinery and our know-how. Bypass small production bottlenecks with our help.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

  • Cost-efficient production of your
    components by our in-house machinery
  • Short delivery times due to high machine availability
  • Highest quality
  • Bypass of small production bottlenecks

Contract Manufacturing Operations

  • For the automotive industry
    • Potting of electronic control units
    • Bonding of heat sinks
    • Sealing of heat exchangers
  • Potting of switches in lighting technology
  • Potting of connector casings in tool forms
    for electronic industry

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