Material preparation systems for dispensing

The material preparation is closely related to the dispensing systems. If both systems are matched to each other, optimum results can be achieved. bdtronic offers high-quality, modularly expandable dispensing and material preparation systems from a single source, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. In order to use a dispensing system optimally and to obtain the best possible results, an appropriate material preparation is essential. Perfect dispensing results without air inclusions are only possible if the material preparation and conveying units transport the required materials uniformly. With the standard material preparation systems, low-viscosity to pasty materials can be prepared and conveyed. A clean material preparation is essential to ensure a constant high quality of the products. Various material preparation systems are available to optimally match the material preparation to the product. The choice of the material preparation system depends on the desired application.

Material preparation for low to medium viscosity casting media

Material Preparation System (MPS)

material preparation systems mps

The MPS is a material preparation system that can be expanded modularly. This fully automatic material preparation system enables production without downtime. With less than one square meter, the footprint of the system is very small.

The MPS offers the possibility of conveying, degassing, recirculating, tempering and filling without any interruption of production. All work steps are performed simultaneously. The MPS material preparation system enables bubble-free casting. It is suitable for all low to medium viscosity materials. The material preparation MPS has a container agitator and is a closed system in which material recirculation and material evacuation take place. The MPS is equipped with an emergency stop circuit and a signal light. An analogue level monitoring system provides safety, which is supplemented by the monitoring of process, product and machine data.

The MPS can be extended by a dispensing unit, a control system and a material temperature control. Furthermore, material refill systems can be upgraded. The ease of operation is further enhanced by a master control and a barcode scanner for material containers. The possibility of a database connection as well as ESD equipment enable a safe and high-quality material preparation. Due to the modular expansion possibilities, the MPS can not only be integrated into existing systems, but can also be adapted to individual requirements.


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bdtronic's material preparation system mps-mini

The mini-MPS takes over all the functions which our proven material preparation system MPS already has. Though with a footprint of only 0.42 square meter. The material is transported bubble free to the dispensing device or meter mixing machine out of two barrels (component A and B) with a capacity of five liter each. Just like its big sister, the mini-MPS is suitable for the material preparation and material feeding of nearly all low viscous to medium viscous and filled reactive resins.

bdtronic offers a product line for micro dispensing applications. The heart of the product family is the mini-dis control unit. The device makes high-precision dispensing in the microliter range easy. The control unit can be combined with 1-component or 2-component micro dispenser. 

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Material preparation system for highly viscous to pasty materials

Pail Preparation System (PPS)

Pail Preparation System PPS

Automated material preparation for hobbock barrels

The modular designed PPS has a quick and easy handling and is cost-effective.

The system is suitable for nearly each high viscosity and paste-like material. Minimum down times are ensured by a quick and easy as well as a clean pail change. A further essential advantage of the PPS is the low operation pressure resulting in material protection.

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Material preparation for highly viscous to pasty heat conducting materials

Drum Preparation System (DPS)

drum preparation system dps

Fully automatic material preparation system for large volumes

The Drum Preparation System (DPS) is the solution for large volume feeding systems. This allows longer productions times and means less time of drum changes. A safe change process with automatic bleeding guarantees minimum downtimes. Another advantage: the system meets the highest safety requirements.

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Compact material preparation and conveying systems

Cartridges for processing low to high viscosity resins

material preparation system cartridges from bdtronic

A process-safe material supply of the dispensing system is solved with small quantities via a cartridge system. Further essential advantages are the short downtimes due to the quick-change system, the compact design and the lightweight construction, the relief of the connection thread on the material cartridge, the easy operation and a very clean operation. The commercially available, compact and space-saving cartridges can be used in various sizes.

Cartridge systems for micro dispensing

micro dispensing cartridges for material preparation

For micro dispensing applications, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc cartridges are normally used. For these applications bdtronic offers two different cartridge emptying systems and completes the product line in the field of micro dispensing.

Pumping station for conveying casting materials from the delivery containers

pumping station for material preparation

The pumping station is suitable for use for conveying the grouting material from delivery containers (up to 1000 litre drums) for material preparation of the dispensing system. The transfer station has a complete unit for refilling the material preparation containers including an automatic pumping system with a simple drum change and is optionally equipped with an agitator, collecting tray as well as an operator-safe lifting device and drip protection.

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