Reactive Resin Pumps

The selection of pump technology for single and multi-component reactive resins is determined by technical processing parameters such as viscosity, fillers and dispensing output. The continuous dispensing process is ensured by the monitoring of the pump speed and the operation pressure.

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Continuously operating external gear pump

Suitable for low to medium viscosity and unfilled reactive resins. With the external gear pump small dispensing volumes are possible. Very precise even at low volumes.

Continuously operating internal gear pump

Suitable for medium viscosity to paste-like, filled non-abrasive reactive resins. With the internal gear pump high dispensing volumes are possible.

Continuously operating Peristaltic pump

Suitable for low to medium viscosity, highly filled, abrasive and aggressive reactive resins.

Continuously operating eccentric screw pump

Suitable for low viscosity to paste-like, highly filled, abrasive and aggressive reactive resins at low shear force development onto the pumping medium.

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