Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

It is decided at the material preparation whether material passes continuously without air bubbles to the component. Thoroughly tested and standardized polyurethane dispensing equipment  systems secure with their reliable construction demanding processes.

Material preparation for low viscosity media to medium viscosity materials

Material Preparations System (MPS)

Degassing, protection, recirculation, temperature regulation, feeding and filling – and that at the same time – our MPS makes that possible for polyurethane dispensing!

The fully automated material preparation system MPS impresses with its modular construction and can be easily integrated in your existing equipment. The MPS is suitable for material feeding for nearly all low to medium viscosity and filled materials. The continuous recirculation of the material ensures an optimal degassing as well as temperature regulation and prevents from deposition of sediments during polyurethane dispensing. At the same time the MPS is space saving.

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Material preparatio for micro dispensing applications

The MPS-mini takes over all the functions which our proven material preparation system MPS already has. Though with a footprint of only 0.42 square meter. The material is transported bubble free to the dispensing device or meter mixing machine out of two barrels (component A and B) with a capacity of five liter each. Just like its big sister, the MPS-mini is suitable for the material preparation and material feeding of nearly all low viscous to medium viscous, filled and abrasive reactive resins.

bdtronic offers a whole product line for micro dispensing applications. The control device mini-dis control is the centerpiece of the micro dispensing product family. The unit makes high-precision micro dispensing in the nanoliter to microliter range easy. The control device can be combined and used with the micro dispenser 1C (one component material), 2C (two components) or two times 1C. The appropriate material preparation therefore is our MPS-mini.

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Material preparation system for high viscous to paste like materials

Pail preparation system for high viscosity materials

High viscosity
Pail Preparation System (PPS)

Automatic material preparation every pail
Minimum downtimes are ensured through the quick and clean pail change.

Our modular designed material preparation system PPS stands out in particular through easy and quick handling as well as through the high efficiency. This material preparation polyurethane dispensing equipment is suitable for high viscosity to even paste-like materials.

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Material preparation for high viscous to paste-like thermally conductive materials

Drum Preparation system (DPS) for high volume dispensing

The DPS is a fully automatic solution for material feeding and preparation out of large pails/drums. The material preparation system is suitable for high viscous to paste-like materials such as thermally conductive pastes. Fluid and thermally conductive resins and pasts ensure an effective thermal heat dissipation and thermal management in various electric devices such as entertainment electronics, battery systems in hybrid vehicles and e-cars (H/EV) and PCBs. The material application of high viscous thermally conductive materials sets special requirements for material preparation and material feeding, mixing system and dispensing technology. Therefore, bdtronic has the ideal solution!

  • Longer production times due to material feeding out of large drums/pails
  • Highest safety requirements due to a complete housing

The fully automatic material preparation system DPS feeds thermally conductive materials out of large pails and drums. Using large drums from 100 up to 200 liter means less time of drum change and guarantees minimum down times. The DPS is suitable for high viscous to paste-like, highly filled and abrasive resins such as thermally conductive pastes and gap filler. A combination of the material preparation DPS with the static mixing system Duplex+ Multi-String© allows a material preparation out of large pails/drums for high dispensing volumes for H/EV (hybrid and electric vehicles) battery technology.

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Resin Dispensing Machine Cartridges

low to high viscosity
A reliable material supply at small quantities of the dispensing unit is solved by a cartridge system. Further significant advantages are the short downtimes through the quick change system, the compact and the lightweight construction, the relief of the connection thread at the cartridge, the easy and the clean operation compared to other polyurethane dispensing equipment.

Cartridge systems for micro dispensing applications

Emptying system for cartridges
Discharging system for cartridges

For micro dispensing application normally 10 ccm, 30 ccm and 55 ccm cartridges are used. bdtronic offers two different cartridge emptying systems and completes herewith its micro dispensing product line.

Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment Refill station

The refill station transfers the material to the material preparation system.

The resin dispensing machine refill station is suited for transferring the resin from the barrels to the material preparation system of the machine. It comes with a complete unit to refill the preparation tanks using an automatic pumping sequence and permits an easy barrel changeover.

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