Automated Dispensing System

Process control

To ensure the process reliability at your process applications our systems offers a continuous monitoring and control circuits. Continuous measurements are providing analysis and statistics.

Pressure monitoring

  • Monitoring of the operating pressure in the material feeding system
  • Ensuring the constant pump capacity

Dispensing needle check

  • 3D dispensing needle surveying system and automatic offset correction

Rotation speed control

  • Exact regulation and monitoring of pumps and mixing speed


Dispensing needle cleaning

  • Cyclical cleaning procedures at adhesive materials

Filling level monitoring

  • Monitoring of the filling level in material preparation and refilling container
  • Control at refill process

Temperature regulation / monitoring

  • Regulation of the temperature in the material container, pipe and mixing system

Min./max. value monitoring

  • Monitoring of critical values of all process parameters with signalization of exceedance and shortfall with early warning threshold

Remote maintenance

  • Fault tracing and software update via remote coupling 

Pot life monitoring

  • Notification at pot life end and trigger of automatic material change in mixing head


  • Part recognition with automatic recipe selection and identification of process data with assignment to the component


  • Dispensing volume control with precision scales
  • Recording of statistic values for the machine an process capability

MDE/BDE Data base connection

  • Process and error data storage with transfer to third-party systems

cmk/cpk, 6-Sigma

  • Automatic calculation of machine and process capability 
  • Graphic interpretation and analysis
  • Transfer and storage of the data

User level management

  • Variable user level control system with access authorization management

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