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Automotive lighting 

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The electronic components in vehicle lighting systems have to be protected from dirt, moisture, strong temperature fluctuations and overheating. By using our precise and repeatable dispensing and potting processes with our dispensing machines, electronic components are potted effectively and protected against external environmental influences. Ideal thermal management is achieved by dispensing thermal interface materials. Heat staking comes into play at headlamps. This ensures a very clean, maximally firm, optically perfect and reproducible result. 

Process solutions for vehicle lighting


Dispensing of thermal interface material (TIM) on LED drivers

It is essential to protect the electronic components of the LED driver from overheating. With our process technology in the area of dispensing machines, dispensing applications such as the application of thermally conductive materials on electronic parts are reliably solved. The corresponding heat is effectively conducted out of the component. 

Heat staking

Heat staking of headlamps 

Today, the headlights of a modern car must not only meet the highest safety standards. They must also have an attractive appearance. After all, they are the "eyes" of a car. There are entire design departments for headlights alone.  

Screw connections are being replaced by heat staking The result is better stability, simpler manufacturing process, less risk of contamination (chips) compared to screws and more design freedom.

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Sales worldwide


Date: 16.12.2021

MatDispens India

MatDispens India, December 16-18, is an online trade show, a meeting place for various industries that use adhesives, sealants and related dispensing equipment
Date: 07.12.2021

Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021

We look forward to a virtual get-together on December 07 - 09, 2021 at the Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021
Date: 20.04.2021

On-Demand Webinar @ Charged Virtual Conference

We will inform about the advantages of trickle impregnation compared to other technologies and show how it can be combined in-line with a powder coating process for the protection of hairpin welding points in a cost-effective way and dispensing processes commonly used in manufacturing of battery storage systems and power electronics.