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Santhosh Soundararajan

Area Sales Manager

Consumer preference for flawless, miniaturized, efficient, safe, lightweight and durable products with curved shapes is redefining manufacturing processes.

Manufacturers use a variety of materials and require superior, safe and invisible fastening and bonding technologies.

Precise and reliable dispensing equipment has become critical for all mass production applications - from sealing cell phones to building automobiles.

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Date: 16.12.2021

MatDispens India

MatDispens India, December 16-18, is an online trade show, a meeting place for various industries that use adhesives, sealants and related dispensing equipment
Date: 07.12.2021

Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021

We look forward to a virtual get-together on December 07 - 09, 2021 at the Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021
Date: 20.04.2021

On-Demand Webinar @ Charged Virtual Conference

We will inform about the advantages of trickle impregnation compared to other technologies and show how it can be combined in-line with a powder coating process for the protection of hairpin welding points in a cost-effective way and dispensing processes commonly used in manufacturing of battery storage systems and power electronics.