On-Demand Webinar: Heatstaking for the automotive industry


Heat Staking

On-Demand Webinar: Heatstaking for the automotive industry

Yvonne Fischer

Sales Manager Division Plasma & Hot Riveting

Fixing a PCB in a plastic housing

In order to meet the requirements for weight and cost reduction and extended functionalities the use of plastic components in the automotive industry is growing. Autonomous driving and the electrification of the powertrain have increased the number of electronic and sensor products in cars. Each electronic contains a printed circuit board (PCB) and fixing a PCB in a plastic housing by means of heat staking is clean, cost-effective, precise and today state of the art.

bdtronic has introduced advanced heat staking, or hot riveting, technology with BHS HOT AIR®, BHS HOT JET®, and BHS HOT STAMP® methods. Our approach is to control all relevant variables such as temperature, force, time and displacement. This ensures consistent high rivet strength and results. 

Topics covered:

  • Application examples
  • Material properties and requirements
  • Selection of heat staking technology
  • Process reliability and monitoring
  • Design guidelines
  • Application engineering

Your speaker: Yvonne Fischer, holds a M.A. degree in business administration and linguistics, and is a VDE Sales Manager. She has more than 15 years of experience in sales for technical products. Yvonne joined bdtronic in 2012 and is responsible for sales of plasma and hot riveting technologies worldwide.

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