On-Demand Webinar: Impregnation of H/EV motors



On-Demand Webinar: Impregnation of H/EV motors

Carlo Motta

Impregnation Division specialist

Process technology for electro mobility

High volume impregnation technology is required for the production of electric motors for both hybrid technology, 48-volt mild hybrids and full-electrical motors for cars and trucks. Impregnation optimizes performance of EV/HEV motors with regard to instantaneous power, power density, overload resistance capacity and product life cycle.

The impregnation requires precision and professional experience. bdtronic offers various impregnation and heating technologies depending on the size, design as well as the number of parts to be produced. From a small laboratory machine to the world’s fastest and biggest impregnation machine – bdtronic is the technology leader for trickle impregnation process.

Topics covered:

  • Why impregnating H/EV motors (stators/rotors)?
  • Different impregnation principles (trickling, dipping) and heating methods (Hot Air, SWIR, Joule effect, Induction heating)
  • Automotive industry requirements: process reliability and high quality
  • Machine example or project examples

Your speaker: Carlo Motta started the career as technical developer and SW designer for impregnation machines, covering different positions up to the technical management. Since 2008, he has been contributing his knowledge to bdtronic to develop impregnation machines that meet the high quality standards of the automotive industry.

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On-Demand Webinar: Impregnation of H/EV motors

Learn in this webinar how to set up a high-volume impregnation process for the automotive industry.