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The BHS HOT JET® is a hot-air riveting process. It is also a "single-cycle" process. The rivet head is equipped with a nozzle-sleeve combination. Inside the nozzle is the stamp, which can be changed easily and quickly. Nozzle and stamp can be selected to suit the product. The rivet pin is heated until it is ready for forming by a homogeneous flow of hot air. The air temperature is selected specifically for the material and precise process control is ensured by temperature measurement and control. The precise temperature setting and the continuous and monitored hot air flow also enable optimum bonding here. The BHS HOT JET® is chosen in particular for high-strength joints.

Process sequence

Here, the air flow is first heated in a controlled manner. Then the nozzle is moved to the joining partner and the rivet pin is thus heated evenly. The external component area remains thermally unaffected. The rivet pin is formed by the internal stamp. The rivet stroke and end position are monitored. After forming, active cooling takes place and the stamp is detached thread-free.



Hot air riveting

Temperature measurement in hot air chamber

Temperature control

Flow rate monitoring

Internal air cooling

Quick-change stamp system

Volumetric rivet head dome

Integrated displacement encoder

Typical process times 15-20 seconds


No mechanical influences

Reduced thermal stress

Homogeneous all-round heating of the rivet dome

Homogeneous rivet head

Maximum strength

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