bdtronic on the way to carbon neutral production


bdtronic on the way to carbon neutral production

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bdtronic has set itself the goal of completely carbon neutral production by 2035. To achieve this goal, the company has introduced an environmental management system to improve its eco-balance. As a first measure, 15 young copper beech trees were planted by a specialist company at the Lindenstraße site in Weikersheim.

"Planting trees on our company premises not only represents a symbolic contribution to greater biodiversity, but also creates active retreats for our animal and plant life. For us, this is the start of the Group-wide sustainability initiative towards carbon dioxide-neutral value creation. Further measures such as the installation of a photovoltaic system and the replacement of the aging lighting in the warehouse area will follow in 2022," explains Patrick Vandenrhijn, CEO of bdtronic GmbH.

With its technologies, bdtronic is driving the future of mobility: with the impregnation of electric motors, for example, the company offers a key technology for the production of e-cars. In addition, the dispensing, heat staking and plasma technologies are used in numerous applications related to autonomous driving, for example in the production of sensors, cameras and battery control units.

"We are driving CO2-neutral mobility forward and we see ourselves as having a responsibility in the careful use of all the resources of our planet, which of course includes the outdoor area of our site in Weikersheim. When our trees have grown up in a few years, each of them will convert 5-6 tons of CO2 into about 3 million liters of oxygen. They dampen the wind speed and, by evaporating water, also reduce local temperatures by a few degrees compared to the original outdoor plant," says Dr. Jan Mies, process specialist and environmental management officer at bdtronic.

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