bdtronic Italy S.r.L. on the road to success / Integration of former supplier offers numerous benefits


bdtronic Italy S.r.L. on the road to success / Integration of former supplier offers numerous benefits

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bdtronic Italy S.r.L. on the road to success / Integration of former supplier offers numerous benefits

bdtronic Italy S.r.L. is on the road to success. The Italian machine builder R.C.M. Reatina Costruzioni Mecchaniche SRL was acquired by bdtronic in 2018, restructured and fully integrated into the group of companies. The transaction has numerous benefits for both the company and the region: both production capacities and competencies are being continuously expanded through investments and new hires. With the resulting expanded product portfolio, sales of around six million euros are expected for the 2021 financial year. For the following years, bdtronic Italy is aiming for annual sales growth of 20 percent.

"Our plant in Rieti, Italy is a strategic production site for the bdtronic group. In addition to the mechanical production of individual components for our impregnation systems for electric motors, we have secured manufacturing-specific know-how, e.g. in furnace construction, chain transport and clamping equipment, ahead of the competition through vertical integration," explains Patrick Vandenrhijn, CEO of bdtronic.

bdtronic Italy manufactures impregnation equipment for electric motors. Impregnation technology is needed in the production of electric drives, both for hybrid technology and for fully electric drives for cars and trucks. During impregnation, the voids between wires are closed and sealed. This provides better electrical insulation and prevents vibration. Impregnation increases thermal conductivity and contributes to a better environmental balance. As the market for both hybrid and fully electric drives continues to grow in the coming years, bdtronic is continuously investing in the expansion of its production capacities in the field of electro-mobility and autonomous driving.

The impregnation systems from bdtronic consist of two main elements: the high-precision dosing system and a special oven. Both the precise dosing, the so-called trickling of the impregnation resin onto the windings, and the exact temperature management are decisive for the high quality of the component. In a fully automatic impregnation plant for series production, more than 100 stators with a total weight of over five tons are continuously moved through three different temperature zones by means of a transport and rotation chain more than 30 meters long. High-precision positioning of the component in the trickling station is crucial here.

In addition, bdtronic Italy successfully offers its own products for other markets. These are stainless steel products, as standard products or customized designs for the life science, microelectronics and nuclear industries. These are, for example, so-called down flow and laminar airflow booths, material pass-boxes and air showers. The "Clean Systems" product line meets the high global demand for GMP-compliant equipment for cleanroom production.

Furthermore, preheating or curing ovens are also built in Rieti, which perfectly complement bdtronic's product portfolio as upstream or downstream processes of different metering applications. The capacities in development and production for furnace construction were expanded at short notice to cover customer needs in the metering and impregnation business areas. The Italian design team has developed a modular furnace concept for this purpose. This will enable bdtronic to offer customers an attractive and competitive overall solution in the future.

This is made possible by bdtronic Italy's many years of experience in the construction of mechanical components. A production area of more than 5,000 square meters is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery: from turning, milling, cutting, bending to welding, all processes are available in-house.

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