Framework agreement for heat staking technology


Framework agreement for heat staking technology

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bdtronic has signed a framework agreement with a leading international automotive supplier for the supply of production equipment for advanced driver assistance systems. The order includes 15 fully automated heat staking lines and is in the low single-digit million range. The lines will be supplied to five locations in Europe, Asia and the USA. The customer will use bdtronic's machines to produce the new generation of ultrasonic sensors that are installed in the bumpers of modern vehicles and are an essential component for the development of driver assistance systems (ADAS).

"Cameras and sensors are the eyes and ears of modern vehicles and must be manufactured with the highest precision and quality. We have the right technology, expertise and experience for this," explains Patrick Vandenrhijn, CEO of bdtronic. "We are pleased that we were able to convince the customer of our solutions and continue our long-standing successful partnership."

In the technology center, the specialists from bdtronic worked together with the customer to quickly and efficiently develop the optimum process parameters including short cycle times and in the highest quality for series production. Especially the active consulting during the design phase as well as the innovative and fully automatic machine concept with complete process monitoring was the key success factor.

The framework agreement covers the supply of fully automatic heat staking systems for the riveting of ultrasonic sensors. BHS HOT STAMP® technology will be used, which is particularly suitable for temperature- and pressure-sensitive components and for narrow clearance areas. The heat staking machine features an integrated conveyor belt, automated part recognition, a hot stamp riveting system for six riveting points as well as RFID and MES connectivity. This guarantees complete process monitoring.

bdtronic is shaping the future of mobility with process solutions for autonomous, safe and comfortable driving as well as alternative drives. In the field of autonomous driving and driver assistance, dispensing applications for radar and LiDAR systems are used. This ranges from potting sensors and applying thermally conductive materials to sensitive electrical components in cameras to joining housings and electronic components. Before the housings are bonded, they are often pretreated with bdtronic's specially developed plasma systems for surface activation. In addition, the company offers various machine concepts for impregnating electric motors for the automotive industry.

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