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Speed-dependent dispensing speedUP

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bdtronic introduces speed-dependent dispensing speedUP

Shorter cycle times and greater flexibility

bdtronic sets a milestone in flexibility and cycle time optimization with the new development of speed-dependent dispensing with the bdtronic brand name speedUP. With speedUP, the speed of the axis movements and the dispensing rate are intelligently linked and controlled to achieve the shortest possible cycle time and an optimum dispensing result.

Up to now, dispensing materials have been applied with a constant dispensing rate from the volumetric dispensing pump at constant axis speed. With speedUP, bdtronic achieves a constant dispensing contour at varying axis and dispensing speeds. Radii or small dots are applied with high precision at low speed. Long straight lines or large dots are dispensed at high speed. The result is a significant reduction in total cycle time. With speedUP and the input via the control system, the customer can control the complete combination of dispensing rate and axis speed by himself.

"We want to keep perfecting the dispensing processes for our customers. With the introduction of our speedUP speed-dependent dispensing technology, we are not only providing customers a faster cycle time, but we are also taking another step towards Industry 4.0," explains Andy Jorissen, Chief Commercial Officer at bdtronic.

Speed-dependent dispensing can be used for the application of dots as well as for lines. The dispensing process is suitable for different dispensing media, such as thermal conductive pastes, sealing materials or adhesives.

  "With speedUP, we are able to record the characteristic curve of the dispensing pump over a speed range. This eliminates tolerance-related differences after a pump replacement. Furthermore, changes within the dispensing pump, such as wear, can be detected at an early stage and independently readjusted by the system," says Andreas OIkus, Head of the Business Unit Dispensing & Plasma at bdtronic.

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