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Clean Systems and impregnation machines manufacturing

bdtronic Italy S.r.l. is a leading company of impregnation machines manufacturing and other industrial sectors equipment.  Automotive, Life-Science, Nuclear, Microelectronics are the most important markets of reference.

The company was established in 1979 at Rieti (Italy) and thanks to its expertise team of technicians and engineers and to the high technology level of its manufacturing equipment it has became an important reference in the machinery manufacturing industry’s field.

The policy of the company is to provide a competitive high quality level of services and products with an access to a wide range of turn-key solutions.  bdtronic Italy is certified  EN ISO 9001 : 2015 and also 3834 and 1090.

State of the art manufacturing

A production area of more than 5,000 square meters is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. From the technical design and planning up to the assembly and testing. The facility boasts state of the art manufacturing equipment: from turning, milling, cutting, bending, to welding – all processes are available in-house. More than 60 employees are working in two plants with a production area of more than 5.000 square meter.

bdtronic's location in Rieti, Italy, focuses on the metal and mechanical manufacturing of impregnation system components and Clean Systems equipment.

Our technologies - for a first-class application

With our broad equipment portfolio, we ensure a clean and safe process for your dispensing, impregnation, heat staking and plasma application. bdtronic Italy additionally offers clean systems equipment.

Clean Systems Equipment

bdtronic Italy offers stainless steel manufacturing products, standards and/or customs to the life sciences, micro electronics and nuclear industry. bdtronic Italy has developed the «Clean Systems» products line in order to satisfy the market demand, always in compliance with the most highly worldwide required quality standards (GMP comliance).


bdtronic is specialized in processing single- and multi-component reactive resins. We ensure that you always get the perfect solution for your application. We provide optimal dispensing and system technology from the material preparation, dispensing, mixing system to application on the component. 


bdtronic is the leading supplier of impregnation systems for electric motor production. Impregnation technology is needed in the production of electric drives, both for hybrid technology and for fully electric drives for cars and trucks. Impregnation systems from bdtronic are characterized by the highest reliability and can be individually adapted according to requirements.

Heat staking

Heat staking is a proven joining process for plastics and hybrid joints. bdtronic has the right process for every production requirement. Heat staking processes are used in numerous industries and meet the highest quality requirements. We have a heat staking system for your product: from low production volumes to fully automated series production.


Plasma technology is the ideal pre-treatment for cleaning and activating surfaces before bonding and sealing processes. Plasma technology is used in almost all industries and sectors, including automotive, electronics, packaging, renewable energy and consumer goods. Our low-pressure or atmospheric-pressure plasma systems offer the entire range from manual individual assembly to fully automated series production.


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