Hot Riveting system BHS HOT JET

The bdtronic heat staking BHS Hot Jet® is a single-step joining technology for joining thermoplastics. Single-step technology means that each step of the hot riveting process (preheating, melting,form, cooling and peeling) is carried out with a continuously monitored BHS riveting head to ensure a solid riveting joint.

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bdtronic hot riveting method BHS Hot Jet

First is the controlled heating of the airflow, the riveting pin then heats up and forms within the inside stamp while monitoring the yield and end position. Cooling happens within seconds in the end position to ensure a string-free peel off. 

  • Suitable for all thermoplastics (high percentage of glass fiber, chromed)
  • Allows combinations of thermoplastics and other materials
  • No additional consumables such as screws and adhesive materials
  • No mechanical impacts
  • Reduced thermal stress
  • Clean operation
  • Maximal joint strength
  • Cost-efficient (long stamp shelf life, Single-Step technology, hot air circulation)
  • Environmentally friendly (no waste, low noise, no burning smell, dust-free)

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