Heat Staking machines

Heat staking and riveting systems 

Our BHS heat staking machines offer the band width from manual assembly up to fully-automated series production. Every hot riveting machine is characterized by the highest reliability and can be modified upon customers requirement.

Benefits of Heat Staking Technology BHS

  • active dynamic temperature regulation 
  • continuous process monitoring
  • single-step technology with pneumatic stroke
  • minimized stress on part
  • quick-replace stamp system
  • position monitoring of stamp
  • time-distance measurement

To learn more about our heat staking and hot riveting machines, or to see if bdtronic can add value to your automation process. Please contact us about our heat staking equipment with our easy to use form here.


Heat staking table top machine BHS

Heat staking equipment lab machine equipped with BHS HOT STAMP® and BHS OT JET® for single part processing with manual loading and unloading.

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B7100 BHS Manual heat staking machine

The B7100 BHS heat staking machine with manual loading and unloading is suitable for all typical industrial requirements.

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Heat staking machine B7207

B7207 BHS is a space-saving fully- or semi-automated stand-alone or integration hot riveting machine for serial production

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Heat staking machine B7210 BHS

B7210 BHS is a stand-alone or integration heat staking machine for small to medium batch production available in many variations.

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