bdtronic acquires R.C.M. Reatina Costruzioni Mecchaniche SRL

bdtronic takes a further step to support its continuing growth and acquires the Italian mechanical manufacturer R.C.M. Reatina Costruzioni Mecchaniche SRL. With this investment, the company continues its international expansion. bdtronic currently has global locations in six different countries to serve and support the global customer base. This acquisition responds to the expected increasing demand of impregnation machines to serve the EV and Hybrid electric motor markets.

High volume impregnation technology is required for production of electric motors for both hybrid technology, 48-volt mild hybrids and full-electrical motors for cars and trucks. Since entering this market segment in 2008, bdtronic has built impregnation machines for OEM and Tier 1 suppliers for the European, Asian, and North American markets. In the past two years, the number of projects has increased significantly. In 2017, the company has delivered and installed the world’s biggest and highest capacity impregnation machine for an electric car manufacturer. The machine has a cycle time of 45 seconds per electric motor stator with an annual capacity of 500,000 parts. bdtronic anticipates a rapidly accelerating demand for new impregnation systems for electric and hybrid vehicles.

RCM in Rieti (north of Rome) has been working with bdtronic as a key supplier for several years. The company has a particular expertise in the fabrication of impregnation system components. RCM boasts state of the art manufacturing equipment and has extensive production capacity. With this acquisition, bdtronic improves its vertical integration by simplifying the supply chain and shortens its delivery times. The company will rename RCM to bdtronic Italia SRL.

bdtronic has experienced strong growth over the past few years; the company has almost doubled in sales, staff and manufacturing capacity. From 2012 to 2017, sales revenue has more than doubled. The number of staff members has continued to grow, now exceeding 250 team members worldwide.

All four process technology divisions have contributed to the sales growth: Dispensing, Plasma, Hot Riveting and Impregnation. For all divisions, bdtronic expects demand to continue to grow, with exceptional growth in the impregnation division. bdtronic is therefore one of the fastest growing companies of MAX Automation AG.

Bdtronic offers for all customers and partners more information on electromobility with the technology days “impregnation of electrical drives”. The technology leader bdtronic shows the world’s biggest and fastest impregnation machine LIVE. The technology days will take place on May 3rd, May 23rd and June 26th (one day). Participation is free of charge. Register online

Download the press release here. Picture of the impregnation machine.