bdtronic builds the world's largest and fastest impregnation machine for the automotive industry

bdtronic, a global mechanical engineering company headquartered in Weikersheim, Baden-Württemberg, has built the world's largest and fastest impregnation machine for the automotive industry. In 2017, the company has delivered and installed the world’s largest and fastest impregnation machine for an electric car manufacturer. The machine has a cycle time of 45 seconds per electric motor stator with an annual capacity of 500,000 parts. bdtronic has unique process expertise and experience in the impregnation of electric motors for high production volumes.

The impregnation machine with the designation B8300 consists of a heated loading and unloading line, the dispensing technology for the trickling of the impregnating resin and a curing line. A robot places the object (rotor or stator) automatically on rotating tools. The resin is trickled with the correct amount onto the rotating and pre-heated windings of the object. The treated unit travels into an oven and is cured while still rotating. This creates a solid gel, which is why this process is also called "gelling". The permanent rotation and a sophisticated thermal management avoids rework. The impregnation method of trickling offers numerous advantages: lowest resin consumption with high degree of filling, a clean, automatic process that is completely monitored and a perfect resin distribution even in narrow areas in the windings.

With a cycle time of 45 seconds and an annual capacity of 500,000 parts, the system is ideally suited to the requirements of the automotive industry. Patrick Vandenrhijn, Managing Director of bdtronic: "We have a lot of experience in dispensing and impregnation technology. This connection is unique in the market. This has enabled us to build a plant that ensures both high quality and high production volumes."

Electromobility is the drive technology of the future, all car manufacturers worldwide agree. Stricter emissions legislation by local, national and international authorities will accelerate the development over the next few years. For the suppliers of electric drives this is an enormous growth potential, but they are also facing great challenges. In many key technologies, the demand is currently higher than the production capacity. This also applies to the impregnation technology. High volume impregnation technology is required for the production of electric motors for both hybrid technology, 48-volt mild hybrids and full-electrical motors for cars and trucks.

Since entering this market segment in 2008, bdtronic has built impregnation machines for OEM and Tier 1 suppliers for the European, Asian, and North American markets.bdtronic has experienced strong growth over the past few years; the company has almost doubled in sales, staff and manufacturing capacity. All four process technology divisions have contributed to the sales growth: Dispensing, Plasma, Hot Riveting and Impregnation. For all divisions, bdtronic expects demand to continue to grow, with exceptional growth in the impregnation division.

In 2018, bdtronic will be offering customers, partners and all interested parties further information on electromobility as part of a technology day entitled "Impregnating Electric Drives". The technology leader shows the world's largest and fastest impregnation machine LIVE. The Technology Days will take place on May 3rd / May 23rd / June 26th (one day each). Participation is free. Register online

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