The 8700km journey of four Indian engineers to bdtronic

bdtronic has welcomed four Indian engineers since 2015.

The bdtronic adventure of our four Indian Engineers started in 2015 when Brijesh Patel joined bdtronic as a Development Engineer. He studied MSc. Electronics and Information technology at the Leibniz University, Hannover. Developing new and more efficient software for machines has always been his passion and bdtronic enables him to explore this passion. During his first year Brijesh, inspired his friend Kaushal Dudhat to join the Development Department. Although they are different people with different opinions and personalities, coming from the same city, Surat, their outlooks tend to be similar; this helped Kaushal to integrate more easily into his new team.

As the company expanded its product horizons to Heat Staking, Kaushik Kanchinatham arrived at bdtronic in 2018 as a Development Engineer to push the Development of Heat Staking forward. Being involved with different engineering projects as well as exploring various machine concepts was, and still is, an eye-opening experience for him.

bdtronic decided not only to innovate products with the help of fresh Indian minds but also to increase demand for its technologies in the Indian market. Therefore, following Brijesh, Kaushal and Kaushik, Santhosh Soundararajan joined the company as a sales manager to explore opportunities for bdtronic in the Indian market. Working in sales, gave Santhosh the opportunity to interact with many different teams: the experienced global project management team, the after- sales team, the service team, just to name a few. This is a never-ending process of learning and collaborating between people across different countries, different cultures and job functions. Soon Santhosh will move to India to expand bdtronic’s business in the market.

With its Head Quarters located in the beautiful landscape of the Tauber valley, bdtronic inspires more and more international people to join its worldwide family of 360 members. Building world-class machines in the field of dispensing, impregnation, heat staking and plasma has been the company’s business for over more than 40 years. Apart from its headquarters in Weikersheim, Germany, the company is also located in Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, China and (in the future) India.

Indian colleagues international bdtronic

Kaushal Dudhat, Kaushik Kanchinatham, Santhosh Soundarajan and Brijeshkumar Patel (from left to right) in front of bdtronic's headquarters in Weikersheim.