bdtronic at Bondexpo 2019

bdtronic to present innovative technologies for the future markets of electric mobility and autonomous driving

bdtronic is the ideal partner for the mobility of the future. The dispensing expert builds the machines today, that the automotive industry needs for the production of tomorrow's electric and hybrid vehicles. At the 13th at Bondexpo bdtronic showcases on booth 6508 dipsensing solutions for bonding of magnets and battery cells as well as for the application of thermal conductive pastes. Impregnation technology for the production of H/EV-motors and heat staking as another joining technology complement the wide product portfolio.

"The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation. Electric and hybrid cars will dominate the street scene in the course of the next few years," explains Patrick Vandenrhijn, Managing Director of bdtronic. "With our technologies of dispensing, impregnating, hot riveting and plasma we have positioned ourselves in the best possible way.”

In the field of dispensing, bdtronic manufactures machines that, for example, dispense precisely thermally conductive pastes or gap filler in battery cells. The application of these materials calls for high-dispensing volumes as well as a robust mixing and a precise dispensing system. The combination of the Drum Preparation System (DPS) with the Duplex+ Multi-String© static mixing system enables both.

Cameras and sensors of autonomous cars must be protected from dirt, condensation and overheating. For this purpose, it is necessary to bond housings, to pot electronic components and to fix circuit boards. For all these applications, bdtronic systems are used.

In the field of safety electronics, it is essential to achieve maximum precision, accuracy and reliability. In the field of microdispensing, bdtronic’s mini-dis control makes high-precision dispensing in the microliter range easy. The control unit can be combined with 1-component or 2-component micro dispenser. With a footprint of only 0.42 square meters the mini -MPS is the suitable material preparation system.

In the field of impregnation of electric motors for the automotive industry bdtronic has unique process expertise and experience. The company offers different machine concepts for the trickle impregnation of H/EV motors.

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Application of gap filler and potting of electronics

Application of gap filler and potting of electronics are essentials process solutions for the future markets of electric mobility and autonomous driving.