bdtronic at productronica in Munich, Germany

12 to 15 November 2019 | Halle A4 Stand 249

At productronica in Munich from 12 to 15 November 2019 in Hall A4, Stand 249, bdtronic will be presenting innovative dispensing solutions for bonding magnets and battery cells, for the application of thermally conductive pastes and for potting and sealing of electronic components. Hot riveting for joining plastics and impregnation for the production of electric and hybrid motors complete the broad product portfolio.

The most important trends in the automotive industry are the electrification of the drive train and autonomous and connected driving. The proportion of electronic components in vehicles will continue to rise over the next few years, and electronics will become ever smaller and more powerful. The cameras and sensors of self-propelled cars must be protected from dirt, moisture and overheating. For this purpose, housings must be glued, electronic components encapsulated and printed circuit boards (PCB) attached. Machine solutions from bdtronic are used for all these applications.

In the field of microdispensing applications, bdtronic makes high-precision dispensing in the microlitre range easy with the mini-dis control unit. The control unit can be combined with the mini-dis 1K or 2K microdispenser. The appropriate material preparation is available with the mini-MPS.

In the field of dispensing, bdtronic will show solutions for the application of thermally conductive pastes and the potting and sealing of inverters / converters or on-board chargers (OBC). bdtronic manufactures highly automated cell concepts with process control and extensive monitoring modules. Eccentric screw pumps with servomotors are used. A dynamic mixing system can also be used in addition to static ones. The range is supplemented by automatic material preparation and plasma systems as pretreatment technology for long-term adhesion.

In the field of plastics joining, bdtronic presents various processes for hot riveting. Heat staking is used, for example, to fix a PCB in a plastic housing. It is often used for connections that have to withstand defined forces over their service life due to vibration and climatic loads.


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Potting dispensing OBC

Potting of a coil in an Onboard-charger.

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