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The COVID-19 pandemic is developing dynamically, new developments occur almost daily. We have been observing the situation closely from the beginning and have taken immediate precautionary measures. This enables us to ensure that work on your projects is progressing. Your contact persons are fully available to you at all times and will keep you informed about the progress of your projects.

The current situation is causing uncertainty on the world market - and we too are feeling a slight decline in incoming orders. However, in recent months this has always been well above plan, so that we have an extremely good order backlog. For this reason, we have decided against the trend to adjust our personnel and production capacities. In this way, we can offer our customers the best possible service with delivery times that have returned to "normal".

This is possible because the success of bdtronic is not only based on one technology. With our four business units dispensing, impregnation, plasma and hot riveting we serve different industries, from the automotive industry to electronics manufacturing and medical technology. In addition, we have positioned ourselves internationally in recent years. Today we profit from this. While our everyday life is severely restricted in Europe, the situation in China is already recovering.

We are convinced that economic development will quickly pick up speed again once the pandemic ends. That is why we are already taking measures today, so that we can then move forward with full energy and motivation. We stick to our strategy and will continue on our growth course and emerge from this crisis even stronger.


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