Dispensing & Plasma Machine Support

After-Sales Technical Support

Do you expect professional guidance at the highest level beyond the commission? At bdtronic, we offer individual maintenance packages, remote diagnosis, machine modifications or relocation, at any time. 

Support Across Multiple Locations

Our technicians carry out necessary repairs  either in our own workshop or on-site in your facilities. An optimal spare parts supply is guaranteed.

  • Service and maintenance contracts
  • Consultation and implementation of plant modifications and relocations
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance 
  • Training and workshops for operators and setters

We have set up a multilingual service hotline to provide technical support when you most need it. To reach us at this hotline, please call us at +1 918-250-6496 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We can also be reached by email at

Technical Support Service Hotline

Service inquiry

T +1 918 250 - 6496

(English, Spanish, Portuguese)

F +1 918 250 - 6496