Are you waiting for your new machine to be installed? Do you need samples or have to pass small production bottlenecks?

Use our modern machinery and bypass small production bottlenecks with our help. We offer you solutions for potting, bonding or sealing of parts for medical, electrical, filter industries and more. The benefit of contract manufacturing of the above-mentioned cases is obvious: high quality and short lead times.

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sampling service bdtronic
sampling service bdtronic

Samples or Production

Whether samples or small series production - we can produce for you. Use our modern and well-equipped machinery and our know-how. Bypass small production bottlenecks with our help.

Benefits of the Sampling Service

  • Cost-efficient production of your components by our in-house machinery
  • Short delivery times due to high machine availability
  • Highest Quality
  • Bypass of small production Bottlenecks

Sampling Operations

  • For the automotive industry
    • Potting of electronic control units
    • Bonding of heat sinks
    • Sealing of heat exchangers
  • Potting of switches in lighting technology
  • Potting of connector casings in tool forms
    for electronic industry


Contract manufacturing or sampling is very popular outsourcing method nowadays. It is a useful technique that production companies can employ when they have to deal with small quantity production bottlenecks or even for sampling. Many companies around the globe use contract manufacturing for the development of a part or full product as well. bdtronic is a trustable source that can help you out with your small series production or sampling because we specialize in services that we provide to our clients. Therefore, we can get your job done in quick time without compromising your quality standards. We ensure that the lot we have developed for you fulfills all your production needs. We thoroughly inspect all the requirements and meet them to deliver superior quality to our customers.

The Modern Machinery of bdtronic

bdtronic has the latest machinery to bypass any small-scale production involving bonding, potting and sealing of various electrical, medical and filter components while serving a vast array of industries ranging from electronics to aerospace. Working with bdtronic means you will get top-notch quality products which are produced in short lead time as well. You can also order multiple jobs to automate your production process entirely. The company has installed the latest machinery to cater all your needs and produce high-quality products for you.


We highly prioritize design specifications that are given to use by the clients. We ensure meeting the requirements accurately to ensure customer satisfaction. If your production requires samples, then bdtronic can provide you with the services with the latest machinery and technology. Each of the samples will go through strict quality control standards; we strive to deliver the exact quality that meets all your requirements.

Small series production

bdtronic can sort you out if you are looking for small series production.  Small series production is mostly required by startups or small-scale manufacturing companies. Because these companies are at an early stage of their business cycle, they have to reduce certain costs, also, to provide top quality products to their customers. It is where bdtronic comes in; with our modern machinery, we are capable of producing any small series production for your convenience. We ensure that each item of the lot meets the quality standards and design specifications so that you can deliver the best quality to your customers.

What Are the Benefits of Contract Manufacturing?

Apart from management and production benefits, contract manufacturing has plenty of other advantages too. Some of them are as follows,

  • Contract management offers cost benefits when you hire the services of bdtronic. You won't have to pay the expenses that are associated with a production facility and its maintenance. Also, you don't have to pay for the staff training or any extra insurance required for various purposes.
  • We are the experts in delivering our clients with high-quality products because we specialize in quality manufacturing. We have all the necessary skills, expertise, and tools to meet your quality standards. Hiring bdtronic for your contract manufacturing will enable you to deliver top quality product to your clients or in the market. Higher quality means that you can charge high prices and earn better earnings as well.
  • By hiring bdtronic for your small series production or sampling, you can save your resources and focus on your core business operations which will, of course, has a positive impact on your firm’s revenue.
  • Because bdtronic specializes in its services, we can complete the jobs in a breeze. We have developed a long-term relationship with our suppliers and have no issues regarding raw materials. Moreover, we only use efficient methods of manufacturing to keep our costs low as well. These methods enable us to complete our production jobs quickly.

What Kind of Contract Manufacturing is bdtronic Offering?

At present, bdtronic is offering various contract manufacturing for the automotive industry. We can easily manage potting of any electronic control units, sealing of different types of heat exchangers and bonding of various kinds of heat sinks. For electronic industry, we are offering contract manufacturing for potting of different connector casings in the forms of tools. For the lighting technology sector, we are providing services of potting of switches through contract manufacturing.

What Types of Parts Can Be Produced?

bdtronic is truly a market leader in the services, it offers. There are some different parts and components that we can produce for you. We offer customized automation solutions for a multitude of industries. We ensure that all the parts meet their quality standards and design specifications. bdtronic can produce a variety of different parts and components that belong to different industries. For the automotive industry, bdtronic can manufacture small quantity orders and samples of electric and hybrid drives, radar sensors, license plate illumination, alternator, engine control, head lights, airbag sensors, gearbox control, rain and park sensors.

Moreover, we can also provide instrument panels, electric drive batteries, rearview cameras, tire pressure sensors, door handle modules and door locking systems. For electronics and electric industry, the company can manufacture power plugs, LED displays and strips, street lights, transformers, elevator monitors, capacitors, relays, solenoid valves, water pump controllers, sensors, and thermostats. bdtronic can also produce various types of filters and sensors, prostheses, monitors, different components used in aerospace industry and food industry. For the clients from renewable energy sector, bdtronic can produce junction boxes, wind power generators, inverters, back rail bonding as well as Solar or PV panels. 

Which Industries are the Target Group bdtronic is Producing For?

The company focuses on manufacturing various parts and components catering a range of different industries. We are equipped with the technologies of impregnation, hot riveting, dispensing, automation, and plasma. We have served numerous companies that belong to automotive electronics, electric, filter, renewable energy, medical, food, aerospace, sensor, and measuring industries. We can tackle all kinds of sampling and small series production jobs for you without comprising on quality.

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