Dispensing technology

Dispensing stands or falls with the correct amount and skillful timing. With the mixing ratio of the different components as well as the process: potting, bonding, sealing, foaming or spraying. You can rely on our know-how in dispensing technology. Since over 30 years we are building 1C and 2C dispensing machines.


Meter mix deispense equipment for thermally conductive material Silicone gap filler

Dispensing Applications

Meter and Mixing Machines

Material Preparation and Feeding Systems

Impregnation technology

The impregnation of hybrid and electrical motors as well as different electrical components and wound objects requires precision and professional experience. Our impregnation machines work in a cost-efficient way with processes developed in-house and are individually designed and implemented. We offer the suitable impregnation and heating methode for your applications.


Trickle impregnation technology for electric drives

Impregnation Technology Applications

Impregnation Machines

Different Impregnation Methods for Impregnating Stators and Rotors 

Plasma technology

Chemical cleaning, unclean grinding and polluting procedures – that was yesterday. Plasma technology optimally prepares your materials before further processing. Our atmosphere pressure and low pressure plasma systems creates a free of residues, clean and polar surfaces for a durable adhesion.




Surface treatment with plasma VP4 prior to bonding and gluing processes

Plasma Technology Applications 

Plasma Standard Systems VP4

The variable Plasma VP4 - in-house Development by bdtronic GmbH 

Hot riveting

Hot riveting also known as heat staking is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly joining technology. Additional consumables such as screws and adhesive material are no longer required. This joining technology is suitable for all thermoplastics.


Hot riveting of thermoplastics for lightweight construction

Heat Staking Applications

Heat Staking Machines and Systems

Information on Heat Staking Processes



Resin Metering and Dispensing Systems

bdtronic is the leading global manufacturer of dispensing machines and systems to process polyurethane, epoxy, silicone or liquid resins. We also provide advance process technologies for plasma treatments, heat staking and resin curing applications.

We have a global footprint to support our customers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our Tulsa, Oklahoma location offeres complete service with sales, engineering, design, technical support, spare parts service and machine construction.

We have installed over 3,000 machines/lines from many leading manufacturers in the automotive, electronics, electrical equipment, filtration, process equipment and medical device industries!

Our vision is to create a world for our customers in which technology creates degrees of freedom instead of limits. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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bdtronic at Fakuma 2018 / Hall A4, booth A4-4306
New twostep heat staking technology and innovative dispensing solutions

bdtronic at Bondexpo 2018 / Hall 6 booth 6410
bdtronic to present at booth 6410 innovative solutions for high-dispensing volumes as well as micro dispensing / new twostep heat staking ...


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