Automotive Electronics


Dispensing applications

Automotive Electronics

Electronic control units (ECU)

Vehicles of today's generation have more and more electronic functions. As a result, the number of electronic components inside and outside the vehicles has also increased immensely. These electronic components must be regulated by a large number of control units and fulfill different requirements.  Different dispensing applications are used for this purpose.

  • Protection against environmental influences such as moisture, dirt, salt, temperature fluctuations
  • Stability and vibration safety during driving
  • Protection against overheating of the electronic components

Electronic control units (ECUs) are very compact and powerful. A great deal of heat is generated in the housings. To prevent overheating, a heat-conducting paste is metered between the circuit board and the aluminum heat sink to dissipate the heat. To protect the internal electronics, a liquid seal is applied between the ECU housing and lid. To ensure that the liquid seal adheres better to the housing and lid, the lid and housing are pretreated with plasma beforehand.

The printed circuit board is fixed in the housing with a heat staking joint. The cover can also be attached to the housing in this way. 

To protect the internal electronics, a liquid seal is applied between the ECU housing and cover.

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Door Handles & Door Locking Systems

A keyless door handle system allows the driver to open and close the door by carrying a key only. All that is needed is to touch the door handle to open or lock the door. The door handle module contains an antenna and sensors that detect the key and the driver's hand.  

Our dispensing systems encapsulate the electronic circuit board inside the door handle to protect it against environmental influences. The circuit board and antenna in the door handle module are fixed using heat staking technology. 

Tire pressure sensors

A tire pressure sensor permanently monitors the air pressure in the tires and warns the driver in the event of a drop in air. This prevents accidents and thus contributes to road safety. Furthermore, it reduces fuel consumption, which increases when the air pressure in the tires is too low.  To ensure that the tire pressure sensor functions efficiently, the sensor must be filled with a self-leveling material. By potting with our dispensing machines, the sensitive electronics in the tire pressure sensor are efficiently protected.

Tire pressure sensors are potted to protect them from external influences.

Touchless tailgate opener

A sensor installed underneath the bumper enables the driver to open the vehicle's tailgate with a simple movement of the foot. The driver has both hands free and can comfortably load objects into the trunk.

The sensor of the tailgate opener is exposed to all environmental influences. To protect the sensitive electronics inside the kick sensor, it must be filled with a low-viscosity dispensing medium. With our dispensing machines, we can ensure exact and repeatable potting.