Industrial ovens


Curing and preheating ovens

Industrial ovens

Perfect heat treatment

The standard oven was designed to cure potting compounds such as epoxies, polyurethanes and silicone or to preheat components to a specific temperature. Depending on the application, several standard ovens can be installed one after the other.

These are so-called continuous ovens, in which the components are conveyed horizontally on up to two tracks. Each standard furnace is equipped with a fan and a heating coil. The heated air is attracted by the fan and flows (longitudinal flow) through the interior of the furnace. The air flow is adjustable. Due to the longitudinal flow, the parts are homogeneously heated or dried. To keep heat losses low, the furnace is equipped with a recirculation system, special insulation and bulkheads.

The pneumatic doors at the entrance and exit of the continuous oven are opened and closed via guide rails. The control cabinet and the operating elements (HMI) are located on the side to save space. The oven is switched on and off at the control cabinet. All processes and parameters can be viewed and set via the operating elements. Maintenance access is located on the side of the oven. Two maintenance doors with locking hooks extend over the entire height of the oven.

Industrial oven


Tunnel made with stainless steel sheets

One/two centrifugal fans with frequency converter

Frame made of welded steel profiles

Insulation with 80 mm glass wool

Compatibility with Bosch Transport System TS2 Plus 240, 320, 400, 480 or 640 mm

Timer function


Dispensing and heat treatment from a single source

Adjustable air flow

Full process control

Space-saving and energy-efficient

Standardized and modular expandable

Technical data

Temperature range 40°C – 80°C (100°C) +/- 3°C
Length 2.500 mm 5.000 mm 7.500 mm
Width Single track: 1.150 mm Two tracks: 1.500 mm
Height 2.300 mm

For which applications is the heat treatment plant suitable?

Use the industrial oven to realize heat treatments of various types such as tempering. The oven is convincing in all areas with a stable heat retention and a low fluctuation range. Classical areas of application include the following:

Epoxy resin hardening

Fast epoxy resin hardening process, in order to ensure the best results of final hardness and properties of epoxy parts, is a critical hardening process. Industrial oven is suitable for performing or accelerating the hardening process under ideal conditions. Moreover, it is possible to optimize the properties by selective annealing in several oven sections.

Polyurethane hardening

Polyurethane is used in industry in many forms. To ensure best results after hardening, it is important to establish constant temperature zones with low variations.

Hardening silicone faster

If silicone is dried within improper conditions, it results in materials weaknesses. Therefore, customized hardening is essential for silicone. Benefit from our industrial ovens to create a production line that can also easily fulfill the special requirements of silicone hardening.

Moreover, with our industrial ovens, it is possible to specifically preheat components made of different production materials to the required temperatures prior to casting.

More features

How does an industrial oven work? 

As a global engineering company with many years of experience in the construction of industrial ovens for impregnation machines, we are able to design an industrial oven that is designed for economic and safe as well as efficient use in all areas. Each oven has a fan and a heating coil. The heated air is attracted by the fan and flows through the interior of the oven  (longitudinal flow).

This system enables the uniform heating or drying of the cast materials. Heat loss is minimized by a recirculation system, insulation and bulkheads. Among other things, 80 mm of glass wool is used as insulation material. Pneumatic doors, which open and close via guide rails, are located at the entrance and exit of the oven. The control cabinet for operation and also the HMI are positioned on the side to save space.

What are the key features in a bdtronic industrial oven? 

The pneumatic doors at the entrance and exit of the industrial oven open and close with heavy-duty pneumatic cylinders. This ensures perfectly coordinated opening phases that optimize energy utilization.

Processes and parameters can be monitored and controlled via the control cabinet on the side. Furthermore, the continuous oven for the industry is equipped with the following features:

  • Stainless steel sheets inside
  • Electric heating pipes
  • Insulation with 80 mm glass wool
  • Available in various lengths: 2500, 5000 und 7500 mm
  • Temperature range 40° C – 80° C (100° C) +/- 3° C

For integration into the production line, a single-lane (W=1150 mm) or double-lane (W=1500 mm) feeding is possible.

How does the maintenance and operation of the thermo-processing system work?

Due to our years of expertise in the construction of industrial ovens for impregnation plants, we know that it is important to make maintenance and service work on industrial ovens as convenient as possible. Switching on and off is done via the control cabinet on the side. The maintenance access is located on the side of the oven. There, two lockable doors are installed over the entire height of the oven. The entire interior can be accessed via the maintenance doors. Ideal for cleaning, checking and repairing the heat treatment system.

No special tools are required to open the maintenance doors and work on the industrial oven can be performed quickly.

After the installation of your industrial oven, we remain your expert contact for all questions and requests that may arise!

General Compatibility

As an industrial oven manufacturer, we know how important it is that our equipment is highly compatible. This means that our ovens can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into production lines in industry.

The oven is compatible with the Bosch Transport System TS2 Plus in 240, 320, 400, 480 or 640 mm sizes. Since this system is known for being a true all-rounder for cost-effective production, it is used in many areas. As a multi-purpose modular system, it fits a wide range of products, and our industrial oven can also be easily integrated. For this purpose, the oven offers all relevant interfacing requirements.

To create individual solutions for your production chain, several of the industrial ovens can be mounted one after another. For this purpose, different lengths are available (2500, 5000 and 7500 mm) and can be used in combination. 

bdtronic industrial ovens

As a competent manufacturer, we offer industrial ovens for optimal heat treatment. This includes, among other things, the curing of certain casting compounds or the preheating of the components to a desired temperature. Our leading-edge offerings optimally complement dispensing solutions. You get two processes from a single source. The benefit for your company will be saved time, money and floor space.

Explore our range of continuous ovens for industrial production. Each unit is optimised for easy, space-saving and efficient use. For this, the industrial oven offers easy maintenance access and can be maintained without much effort.

If you want to optimally complement your dispensing technology, you are well recommended to use our standard ovens!

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