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Internship at bdtronic

Get to know bdtronic!

You don't know yet which profession is the right one for you? An internship within our company can help you!

We offer several opportunities to get a taste of different professions.

Trainee internships

  • Electronics technician for industrial engineering (gn)
  • Industrial clerk (gn)
  • Industrial mechanic (gn)
  • Mechatronics technician (gn)
  • Technical product designer (gn)

Student internships

  • Commercial professions (gn)
  • Design engineer (gn)
  • Software developer (gn)
  • Project manager (gn)
  • Process engineer (gn)

Internship semester

We also offer internships for students in various company departments, e.g. software, design, administration, development, manufacturing or other departments. Just contact us if you are looking for a place for an internship semester.

Working student (gn)

As a working student, you have the opportunity to gain direct practical experience through project assignments and to get to know future fields of work. We offer this in a wide range of areas. Please contact us if you are interested.


For students (gn) we are offering the supervision of interesting theses. We provide our expert support in choosing the topic and support you with our full expertise.

Are you interested? Please contact us here!

bdtronic - the right training company for you!

Boring products? Not here! We at bdtronic are shaping the future - whether it's electromobility or autonomous driving - we're on board!


During your training you will get through all departments that are useful for your future job. This will give you a good overall impression and you will learn about many topics, workplaces and colleagues from a wide range of areas.


In addition to the person responsible for training, each trainee/student has a direct trainer who is always available to help with questions and problems. Moreover, there is a responsible contact person in the respective departments. In this way, you feel good hands throughout the whole company.


You will work directly with our skilled workers, become a part of the team and be involved in "real" projects!

In this way, you will gradually learn to take on responsibility and at the same time get to know your future workplace and colleagues.


We are always there to help and advise you, because helpfulness and an open ear go a long way towards making you feel comfortable and welcome here. Our flat hierarchy levels are essential and very valuable for direct communication and a good working atmosphere.

Good working conditions

Good working conditions are very important to us!

No shift work but flextime and 30 vacation days per year.


You always wanted to gain experience abroad?

We give you the opportunity to discover the world through our international exchange program, as part of certain training programs or a semester abroad.

Room for ideas

Trainee projects, employee magazine, training ambassadors - get involved according to your skills. We welcome new ideas and suggestions.


Of course, this is not to be missed. We want to strengthen our team spirit with fun and shared experiences. Some days to get familiar with the other trainees at the start of your training, joint excursions, including to customers and suppliers, are just a few examples. There are also lots of other events and activities with the entire bdtronic team.

Company headquarters

The headquarters are located in Weikersheim, Germany and therefore also the location for your training. You don't know the diversity of the Taubertal yet?

Learn more about the region here


With a training rate of over 8%, our trainees and students are the skilled workers of tomorrow. That's why we invest in you for the long term and strive to take you on as a member of our team after you have successfully completed your training.

Modern education workshop

Our technical training takes place in a specially equipped in-house facility.

From application to hiring

Confirmation of receipt

After receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. We will then check your documents together with the trainer.


If your application is of interest for us, we will invite you to an interview. Someone from the Human Resources department and your future trainer will participate in the interview. During the interview, we would like to get to know you in a relaxed atmosphere. This gives you the opportunity to get an impression of us and bdtronic.

Taster day

Maybe you already got to know bdtronic through an internship and got a good impression about us and the daily working routine? If not, just try us out for a day or take a closer look at us during an internship.


You have convinced us and we could also inspire you to work at bdtronic? Then nothing stands in the way of a training at our company. After a telephone confirmation we will send you the training contract and some further information.


Cover letter

In the cover letter we would like to know something about you and your motivation for the desired profession. In addition, we are interested in why bdtronic could be the right training company for you and of course why you are the right trainee for us.

File format and size

Please exclusively use PDF file formats that are not larger than 15 MB.

Duration of an internship
  • Varying duration, depending on the type of internship
  • For voluntary internships during vacations one week is optimal
  • For internships in study professions we recommend a longer period. Please do not hesitate to contact us
  • The duration of internships depends on the university, usually it lasts one semester.
Form of application

Preferably by mail to

Contents of the application

Cover letter, curriculum vitae as well as references and certificates

Youth and trainee representation

Our youth and trainee representation represents the interests of all young people and trainees in our company.


Short, but also informative - information about your educational and, if applicable, professional background. Have you already gained experience through internships? Yes? Please include them in your resume as well. Free-time and volunteer activities are well placed at the end of the resume.


Prompt confirmation of receipt by e-mail

Preparation for the interview

Think in advance about why exactly this apprenticeship or course of study is the right one for you and familiarize yourself with our products in advance. Also prepare yourself for the question why bdtronic could be the right training company for you and why you are the right choice for us. Which points are very important to you about your future employer and how do you envision the training in detail? Also, think about your strengths and tell us about them.


You can apply for an apprenticeship or degree program with us as early as 1.5 years before you graduate from school. In fall (one year before your training starts), we complete the selection of applicants at the latest.

For an internship, we recommend applying about 3 months in advance.


I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about internships and career entry. Please feel free to contact me.

Lea Striffler

HR Representative