Dispensing machines


Dispensing machines

Dispensing machines

Optimal dispensing results

The advantages of bdtronic's machine solutions are the flexible combination of machine, material preparation and dispensing process - perfectly matched to the respective application. For this purpose, standardized modules are used.

In addition, we offer comprehensive process monitoring to ensure an optimal dispensing result. With our machines we cover the complete production environment of prototype and sample construction, single component production, small and large series production.

Fully automatic dispensing system B5800 with static dispensing head and plasma pretreatment VP4.

Dispensing machines

Our dispensing systems and dispensing machines are characterized by a high degree of reliability. Customer-specific modifications can be easily integrated into the modular, standardized design. This results in first-class individual solutions that are ideally matched to your process.

Fully automatic dispensing systems

Fully automatic dispensing systems solve all kinds of dispensing tasks precisely and reliably. Due to the high degree of automation, our market-driven solution increases productivity at highest quality.

Semi-automatic dispensing machines

Semi-automatic dispensing systems are the perfect solution for processing dispensing tasks for single or pallets in dot, circle and contour dispensing for manual loading.

Vacuum dispensing machines

Our vacuum potting machines are suitable for dispensing processes under vacuum such as potting or sealing.

Dispensing systems for integration

With our integration systems, we offer you a comprehensive process module for different dispensing applications such as the application of thermally conductive pastes, bonding, sealing or potting under atmosphere.

Manual workstations

Manual dispensing machines and manual workstations are suitable for various dispensing processes in small batch production and single part processing.

Industrial ovens

The ovens are used to cure potting compounds such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones or to preheat components to a specific temperature.

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