Impregnation machines


Impregnation machines

Highest process stability and quality

Whether trickle or roller dip process - the impregnation of windings on stators or rotors of electric motors with liquid, curable reaction resins such as epoxy, silicone or polyester, requires professional production processes. Our many years of experience as a manufacturer of impregnation and metering systems for the automotive industry guarantee the highest process stability and quality. Our cost- and time-saving impregnation technology, which is suitable for all types of resins, increases productivity and ensures a market-oriented solution for your processes.

Our impregnation machines cover all standard sizes up to the largest components. The machines can process different stators and impregnation resins depending on customer requirements. We build impregnation lines for OEM and Tier1-suppliers for the European, Asian and North American markets.

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The fastest

The B8300 impregnating machine is designed for series production and is ideally suited to the requirements of the automotive industry.

Modular & serial

The modular machine concept of this fully automatic series production line allows full product variability.

Small and medium production volumes

bdtronic also offers systems for laboratories and prototypes as well as small and medium production volumes.

bdtronic offers a wide range of equipment that can achieve everything from single or small to medium and high production volumes.

bdtronic built its first impregnation systems for automotive manufacturers and suppliers for the European and Asian markets as early as 2008. With a cycle time of 45 seconds per electric motor and an annual output of 500,000 units, the world's largest and fastest impregnation plant was delivered to an electric car manufacturer from the USA and put into operation in 2017.  This plant won the Global Award in the "Product of the Year" category at CWIEME Berlin, the industry's leading trade fair for e-mobility. Since then, several high-volume machines have been delivered to TIER1 automotive suppliers and car manufacturers. In the process, the process steps have been continuously developed and improved. 

An important requirement of the automotive industry for series production is continuous process monitoring and traceability of all process steps. This ensures that the highest quality requirements can be met even with high production volumes.

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