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Technology Center Dispensing & Plasma

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Our employees in the Technology Center are our process specialists. They have many years of experience with various applications in the areas of potting, bonding, sealing, plasma and application of thermally conductive materials. Single-component or two-component materials are processed, which are mixed statically or dynamically.

The application can be carried out under atmosphere or under vacuum. Air-circulation ovens, infrared and UV curing systems are available for curing the materials. Prior plasma treatment of the components can improve your process.

The engineers and application technicians support you at analysing dispensing applications and finding possible improvements together. Based on our analyses, you can make targeted investments.

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At bdtronic, you work together with your contacts from technology and sales right from the start. Together we define the parameters for subsequent series production, such as process times, dispensing performance, application quantities as well as curing conditions, and record these in a comprehensive test report.

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Our experience

"We are experienced engineers and machine operators and ensure smoothly running tests as well as a reliable and expert evaluation of your results. For the analysis, we have a measurement laboratory at our disposal.

Micrographs of the components can be examined under the microscope. A variety of measuring instruments are available for further analysis purposes (Shore hardness test, tensile shear test, contact angle measurement, IR spectroscopy, fluorescence measuring instrument, etc.).

The focus of each test at the Technology Center is about material preparation, process simulation and the definition of production parameters for a series process."

Your benefits:

  • Many years of experience in handling reactive casting resins, thermal conductive pastes, adhesive systems, sealing materials and impregnating resins
  • Contacts to all leading material manufacturers
  • Experts from different specialty disciplines

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Our experts work with you to develop optimal solutions to optimise product quality, reduce costs and simplify processes.


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