Dispensing methods


Bonding, sealing, potting

Dispensing methods

Dispensing material and dispensing process

Basically, the dispensing processes of bdtronic work with volumetric dispensing systems according to the endless piston principle. The high-precision metering pumps are driven by servo-electric motors and metering can be carried out continuously without interruption. Depending on the application, material and dispensing process, bdtronic uses screw pumps, internal gear pumps, external gear pumps or peristaltic pumps. The dispensing material is conveyed to the metering pumps by the respective material supply systems, which are ideally adapted to the dispensing medium and the application. The metering pumps perform the respective metering task with the highest precision and independent of viscosity.

Customer requirements, the correct selection and effective processing of dispensing materials have a significant influence on the product quality of components. The smallest deviations during the dispensing process or at the material preparation can have a significant impact on the quality and service life of your products. Highest mixing quality, precise application and the optimum process result are prerequisites for high quality products.

Dispensing methods at one glance


The dispensing process adhesive bonding is used to connect two or more joining partners.


The sealing dispensing process is used to protect components from external influences by means of a barrier.

Application of thermally conductive pastes

The application of thermally conductive pastes is used to dissipate heat in order to protect power electronics from reduced performance or defects caused by overheating.

Potting and vacuum potting

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Dispensing media

bdtronic has more than 40 years of experience in the application, handling and preparation of adhesives, sealants, potting products and thermally conductive materials.