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Technology Center

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Get in touch with us as early as possible in the product development phase. Our engineers and technicians can provide advice on component optimization and practical experience can be taken into account. This helps you and us to transfer your products into series production.

Our Technology Centre has eleven rooms covering an area of more than 650 square metres, which are equipped with series production equipment. Based on the selected material, component and production requirements, we define the process parameters for series production together with our customers. More than 20 specialists from various professional disciplines, ranging from chemists with doctorates and engineers to plant mechatronics engineers, are on hand to provide our customers with advice and support.

Experience & know-how

Our process experts are in close contact with material manufacturers and have many years of experience in process development and processing, even with challenging materials.

Procedure of a trial in our Technology Center

In order to optimally prepare a process trial, we need the material to be processed, for example an impregnating resin, a thermally conductive material, an adhesive system or a reactive casting resin, in sufficient quantity with the corresponding processing instructions. Depending on how far advanced the product development is, we work in our application trials with prototypes up to original components.

For the trial day, specific targets are set, which our qualified personnel prepare and carry out in a structured, professional manner. Afterwards, our customers receive a comprehensive test report in which all tested parameters are listed. The results are also documented in pictures and audio. Our Technology Center staff will support you in defining the process parameters and make recommendations. 


  • Many years of experience in handling reactive casting resins, thermal conductive pastes, adhesive systems, sealing materials and impregnating resins
  • Guidance on component optimization for series production
  • Determination of the process parameters with series equipment
  • Summary of the results in a comprehensive test report
  • Ideal basis for decisions

Sample production

Within the scope of process development, we produce A, B and C samples for our customers. This way, high investment costs can be prevented, especially in the introduction phase of a new production stage. With our in-house machine technology, we produce parts as prototypes, functional samples or pre-series samples at low cost. Benefit from short delivery times and high quality directly from the equipment manufacturer.


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