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Technology Center Heat Staking

Determining the optimum Heat Staking process together

Our engineers and technicians offer comprehensive technical advice right from the start: they assist with the selection and optimum component construction, develop and procure customer-specific tools, carry out general investigations by using test specimens of any materials and produce sample parts. The bdtronic construction guidelines provide recommendations for an optimal rivet geometry and standard tools and will be made available to you upon request.

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In several technical rooms, Heat Staking systems are ready for use with both hot air processes (BHS HOT AIR® technology) and heat stamp processes (BHS HOT STAMP® technology). The machines have a 3-axis system with which the rivet pins can be individually processed. Together, we develop the most suitable process for your product, taking into account your requirements.

The results of the Heat Staking tests can be examined in detail in our in-house test laboratory: during the optical test, the rivet head is examined under the microscope for shaping, material discharge, clearance-free and gap filling. When looking at the stamp, the condition of the surface is important: are there scratches, deposits or material adherence? Tensile testing determines the strength of the riveted joint, microscopic micrographs show the rivet head connection and gap filling.

With a tensile tester, testing can be done as tension or compression, bending and shearing is also possible. Our customers receive a comprehensive test report in which the process parameters and the reference values for strength are recorded. In addition, the experts give helpful tips for component holding fixtures, provide ideas for machine solutions and advise and support in material selection and process determination.


Process determination in customer trial

Sample production

Extensive testing options

Result control in our in-house test laboratory

Expert tips for component holding fixtures

Help with material selection and process determination

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bdtronic offers standard tools that provide optimal riveting / heat staking as a compromise between low cycle time and maximum strength. Request our Design Guidelines today!

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