The right dispensing application for every industry


Dispensing technology

The right dispensing application for every industry

Protection from external influences

The demands on component quality and safety are increasing in all industry sectors. Products are exposed to high loads over their service life and must reliably fulfill their function. To ensure this, components must be protected against external influences such as moisture or overheating and shielded from electrical or magnetic fields.

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For each application, process-reliable dispensing technology with the highest possible accuracy and reproducibility is required. In addition, the best possible process result in the shortest possible time is strived for. Each application solution is adapted to the special features of the respective materials, so that the desired dispensing result can be achieved, taking into account the customer-specific requirements. Processes must be developed which, on the one hand, meet the individual properties of the materials but, on the other hand, generate low costs.

Reliable, efficient and high-quality dispensing technologies can significantly improve the safety and service life of parts and components. The underlying process technology should always be considered holistically, as efficiency is not only dependent on the process, but factors such as storage, curing methods or the design of the component are also important.

Industrial applications

All dispensing applications focus on quality, flexibility and efficiency.

Automotive Electronics

Electronic control units, tire pressure sensors, headlights and door handles are bonded, sealed and encapsulated. Maximum precision and accuracy are essential factors in this process.

Driving assistance systems

Cameras, radar and LiDAR systems and sensors are bonded or encapsulated to protect them from external influences. The number of electronic assistance systems in the vehicle is increasing rapidly, and with it the dispensing applications.


Battery cells are bonded, battery cell housing covers are sealed, and thermally conductive materials are applied to prevent overheating. Electromobility is the future of mobility.

Medical technology and pharmaceutics

Bonding displays on medical devices such as patient monitors, as well as bonding needles into glass or plastic syringes, and potting dialysis filters are typical applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Digital applications have never been as important as they are today. The digital transformation requires a wide range of electronic components such as 5G wireless antennas, routers, base stations for LTE networks, etc.