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Heat staking technology

Heat staking machines

For all requirements

Our heat staking systems, also called heat caulking systems, cover all your production requirements. Depending on the individual needs and area of application, it is possible to tailor a heat staking system according to the requirements. The bandwidth ranges from low and medium production volumes, manual individual assembly, to high-volume fully automatic series production. Depending on the customer's requirements, a different hot caulking process is used. In addition to the hot air processes, there is also a heating stamp process in the programme. We have standard and special systems for your desired production environment.

The process can be programmed intuitively and quickly via a touch panel PC on the heat staking machine and the actual values for each process step can be displayed. Process, product and machine data are continuously monitored. All process values can be transferred from the heat staking machine to a host computer system for traceability. Most important is the temperature control, which dynamically and in the millisecond range ensures that the process is always repeated consistently, thus guaranteeing accuracy.

The heat staking machines with the hot air process BHS HOT AIR® enable the production of different products on one machine by means of quick-change product-specific tool modules. The special riveting tool ensures the highest possible strength of the riveted joint without melt leakage, even over component tolerance-related volume fluctuations.

The fully automatic heat staking machine rivets a PCB with several rivet pins. Several riveting heads simultaneously process the desired number of rivet points to achieve the shortest possible cycle time per component.

Heat staking systems

Proven quality combined with state-of-the-art control technology make our heat staking machines compact systems that combine productivity, flexibility, maximum reliability and precision.

Fully automatic heat staking machines

bdtronic offers fully automatic heat staking systems for processing components in series production. Loading is done directly via a conveyor belt system or by a robot.

Semi-automatic heat staking machines

Heat staking machines with a modular design, which are available in different variations, are suitable for medium production volumes.

Heat staking system for integration

bdtronic offers process units for integration into production solutions as well as installation kits for adaptation to robots.

Heat staking machine for sample production

The Table Top BHS heat staking table system is designed for prototyping and is also suitable for small series and customer process development

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