Conversions & Retrofits



Conversions & Retrofits

Rely on the proven

You want to upgrade your plant and make it fit for the future? Benefit from our expertise and many years of experience and work out future-proof solutions for your machine. We plan and carry out conversions and retrofits and overhaul components and complete machines on your premises or at bdtronic. Contact us and discuss the possibilities.

We have a solution for all problems and provide:


Do you want to expand your plant or make it fit for the future? Are parts of your machine no longer up to date? We will always find a creative and innovative solution for you!


Take advantage of our many years of experience and expertise and work with us to develop a future-proof solution for your bdtronic plant.


We plan and carry out conversions and retrofits with specialized personnel.

Everything according to your wishes

We overhaul components or entire plants for you at our factory or directly at your site.

Your plant requires an upgrade?

You would like to produce new parts?

A new application or a completely new application?

Thanks to our variable machine frames, we can carry out conversions to other applications at your site in many cases.

Your would like your dispensing system to be converted into a new application?

You want to add a plasma pretreatment?

No problem! We will find the right solution for you!


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You would like to convert your bdtronic system?

Contact us today and we will work out a proposal for a retrofit of your proven system.