Impregnation applications


Impregnation technology

Impregnation applications

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Impregnation is the process of closing and sealing the voids between wires in a component such as an electric drive motor with an insulating material. Impregnation of the electrical windings of rotors and stators in the electric motor, hybrid motor, generator, hydraulic motor, pumps or the coils in transformers (transformers) or substations improves the overall performance and helps to extend the operating life of the drive train. Resin impregnation of windings and copper wires provides better insulation and prevents vibration. It also increases resistance to stresses and temperature loads and heat exchange during normal operation, and reduces the risk of short circuits in the windings. Thus, the impregnation process increases thermal conductivity and contributes to a better environmental balance.

bdtronic has unique process expertise and experience in the impregnation of electric motors for high production volumes.

Impregnation of stators

Electric drives

bdtronic offers a highly developed impregnation technology for the secondary insulation of stators and rotors of electric motors.

Stator windings

The stator is the main component of every electric motor. bdtronic has the right impregnation equipment for every type of stator winding.

Stator coating

The welding zones of hairpin or I-pin stators must be protected from external influences. bdtronic combines impregnation of the stators with powder coating technology.