Medical technology & pharmaceutical industry


Dispensing applications

Medical technology & pharmaceutical industry

Highest quality standards

In medical device production and the pharmaceutical industry, absolute precision, accuracy and reliability are essential. bdtronic has many years of experience in healthcare technology: for example, we manufacture systems that bond flat-panel detectors for X-rays or CPAP nasal masks.

Patient Monitoring

Automatic monitoring of patients in hospitals is on the rise. The leading companies in medical technology have developed monitor systems that can automatically monitor, control and display a person's vital functions. In addition, these devices have the ability to display all information about a patient.

The display of the devices is glued into the housing with our dispensing systems. In addition, a liquid seal is applied to fill the gap between the display and the housing. This prevents moisture or dirt particles from penetrating. Beforehand, the gap is measured to calculate the amount of material and the travel distance. The gap is filled optimally. The bonding surfaces are cleaned in advance with our plasma equipment, the surface tension of the surfaces is increased and the adhesive adheres better. 

The touch display is securely bonded to the housing. This is followed by a potting application to protect the device against moisture penetration, for example during cleaning and disinfection.

Sales worldwide

Sales worldwide

Dialysis filter

A dialysis filter consists of a large number of very thin and hollow fibers. A special dialysis fluid flows around these fibers, thus purifying the blood that flows through the hollow fibers. To fix the hollow fibers, they are cast with bdtronic dispensing equipment.

Needle bonding

A main application area for adhesives in medical technology is needle and syringe bonding in series production. Optimally coordinated processes are essential for reliable bonding. Since needles are produced in large quantities, fast and reliable bonding is essential. In addition to their mechanical adhesive strength, the adhesives used must enable high-precision manufacturing and permanent bonding and withstand various sterilization processes.

Gluing stainless steel needles into syringes requires the highest precision and accuracy. For this purpose, bdtronic dispensing systems are used to meter the smallest amounts of adhesive between the needle and the needle housing. In order for the adhesive to adhere optimally to the stainless steel needle, these are pre-treated in advance with our plasma devices.

The mini-dis solution from bdtronic ensures optimum process speed, repeatability and accuracy in needle bonding.