Impregnation machine B8700


Impregnation technology

Impregnation machine B8700

The impregnation machine B8700 is especially designed for series production in the automotive industry. This modular machine concept enables full product variability. Thanks to its trolley based component transportation system, the inclination of the parts is possible in both directions.

bdtronic combines dosing and impregnation technology in stator production.

Impregnation machine for series production B8700


Impregnation of different stators or rotors possible with the same machine

Trickling or roll-dip impregnation process

Rotors and stators up to 490 mm diameter and 1000 mm length, 500 kg


Full product variability, high output

Parts inclination possible during trickling

Complete process monitoring

The B8700 is a modular, fully standardized machine solution from bdtronic.

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