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bdtronic offers two different study models: Either short and concise (dual studies) or more intensive in combination with a training (cooperative studies).

Dual studies

The dual studies model combines theory and practice in equal measure.

General facts

Practical and theoretical phases alternating every 12 weeks

Duration of study amounts 3 years

Baden-Wuerttemberg Dual University at the campus of Mosbach or Bad Mergentheim

We are a future partner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Dual State University Mosbach/Bad Mergentheim

Requirements: A-levels or advanced technical college entrance qualification


Financial independence through monthly remuneration

High level of practical relevance and concentrated teaching of specialist skills and key qualifications

Fast career entry

Equal status of the bachelor's degree of the Dual State University with the bachelor degrees of the universities and technical colleges

Semester abroad is possible

Cost takeover for exam preparation courses, training license in accordance with AEVO, teaching materials and other costs.

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Cooperative studies

The cooperative study model combines classic skilled worker training with a course of study.

General facts

Vocational training plus university studies

Double qualification (vocational training IHK and Bachelor) within five years

Heilbronn University at the Sontheim and Künzelsau campuses (Reinhold Würth University)

Requirement: A-levels or advanced technical college entrance qualification

Time schedule:
The cooperative study model starts in september each year with vocational training in the company. After about 18 months, studies start in the summer semester. The skilled worker examination takes place during the first semester of study. The lecture-free period, the practical semester and the bachelor's thesis are completed in the cooperative company.


Financial independence through monthly remuneration

In-depth practical knowledge through vocational training

Theoretical study sections without loss of academics

Fast career entry

Cost takeover for exam preparation courses, training license according to AEVO, teaching aids and other items

To take a look at our available cooperative study positions, please switch to our german website

Studieren bei bdtronic

Student voices

Thomas Brand

"The collegial, almost familiar working atmosphere at bdtronic convinced me right from the start of my training. After successfully completing my training, I had the opportunity to do a dual study program at the company. This type of study combines practical and theoretical learning contents as well as the relation to the company. It is becoming easier to get started in everyday working life, and you receive a monthly salary and the possibility of being taken on."

Franziska Winzig

"I really like the dual study program because of the alternation between theory and practice. You gain a lot of experience both at the DH as well as at the company. And of course, what you shouldn't forget is the financial side. There is the "luxury" of earning money as a student.


I can recommend bdtronic as a training company, because there is a great working atmosphere. All the colleagues are willing to support the trainee and pass their knowledge on to him. This makes training and learning simply fun."

Sebastian Brennfleck

"With a dual study program, I have the opportunity to immediately apply the theory I have learned. I am integrated bit by bit into the team and the company, get to know different departments and the daily routine in a company. There are practically relevant topics for research projects and final theses. After completing my studies, I will already know what to expect. I also like the fact that we will all be taken on by bdtronic. Another advantage of the dual study program is the salary that you receive during the training.

At bdtronic, I like the familiar environment and the fact that you are immediately part of the team. Everyone is eager to help and support you. Extracurricular activities round it all out."


Do you have any questions about studying? Then feel free to get in touch with me.

Sabrina Wildt

HR Representative