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High-performance plastics with a relatively high glass fiber content are often used for electric motors. The numerous rivet points in the joining of winding bodies and busbars are rotationally symmetrical and must withstand high forces over the service life and ensure a backlash-free and gap-free tight fit of the joined assembly over the service life. Here, plastic-plastic joints with plastics of the same or similar type are found, as well as plastic-metal joints. There is often little space for the tools.

bdtronic has designed a special machine which, with the appropriate number of tools, processes the riveting in the desired cycle of 30 seconds. Each individual riveting per component is monitored individually and the actual values such as temperature, time, current, air flow and travel as well as end position are transferred to a database for traceability. A process- and product-specific visualization of the machine allows the operator to always have an up-to-date status view of the running processes on the component.  This ensures that the motors produced in millions of units always bring the driver home safely. 

Depending on the rivet shape and process, a maximum of up to just under 500N pull-off force and a secure tight fit due to gap filling can be achieved per rivet point, despite the relatively large volume fluctuation due to assembly tolerances. This is ensured with the BHS HOT AIR® hot air riveting process.

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Heat staking applications

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