Heat staking machines for integration


Heat staking systems

Heat staking machines for integration

Proven and flexible

In addition to machine solutions, bdtronic also offers process units for customer integration into manufacturing solutions. The integration package is modular and consists out of the requested number of staking heads including process monitoring and lines, a pneumatic unit and the control system in a control cabinet, touch panel with bdtronic hot riveting software and visualization as well as an interface for data communication of choice. The "single-cycle" BHS HOT JET® or BHS HOT STAMP® processes are available for selection. Special solutions such as installation kits for adaptation to robots are also available.

Heat staking system for integration

Modular integration package


Integration package for customer installation in a production solution

Suitable for the BHS HOT STAMP® as well as the BHS HOT JET® heat staking processes

Menu-driven visualization with operator guidance and operating levels

Beckhoff control system, Windows-based

Operating data logs

Recipe management


Freely adjustable process parameters possible for each staking head

Maximum process monitoring through process technology

Staking stroke integrated with displacement measuring system

Modular design, customer-specific configuration

Individual control of riveting heads is possible

Different punch sizes per riveting head are possible

Punch RFID system is available

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