Project Management

Do you wish to be advised in a competent way? Do you want a personal point of contact for your dispensing and automation projects? We assign to you, from the beginning of the project, a personal point of contact who will guide you through all stages of the project. In the initial design phase you receive a project fact sheet in which all project relevant data, planning, arrangements etc. are covered.

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Project Management

Project management is a stepwise work which helps you develop a project by first initiating it and then successfully finishing it off at the end by fulfilling all the related tasks. The scope and resources of a project are well-defined at the first place, and later an operation takes place. All the services are done to achieve one single goal.

Five steps of any project management:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution of the plan
  4. Monitor and control the plan
  5. Closure

All the management is concerned mainly with these five steps, but there are various subgroups divided which work as a team to close the project on right time after completion.

Project Management Automotive Industry

Automotive industries are a range of sectors which plan, design, implement and then finally make a motor vehicle. A lot of business around the world is based on the five steps of project management. Most of the industries that are related to automotive compromise of same work, therefore, all of them work on the same principles. All the products are based upon the projects mode. Very less business used this technique, but now it is really useful and gives flourishing results.

Manufacturers see that project management process helps in early rising and later investments. It contributes towards all the work in a way that at the beginning stages you set up a goal and you can divide the work into various groups. Planning is done by the planning engineers they get all the related data from the initiating process and implement it. Execution of plan is done in later stages where the design of the vehicle is finalized, and they start giving it a proper shape, while implementation is being done monitoring is done by a group of monitors.

Closing is the last step when the automotive vehicle is ready. Failure modes are predicted at the start while you plan out the project that helps a lot as you have already set away a fixed amount if in case the project fails or doesn’t reach the market rate. Prediction of effect analysis is highly helpful and lets you work essentially and professionally.


  • A planned project will give control over the cost of the development; you will be aware of the initial and final expenses.
  • The increment in market share.
  • Implementing new innovative ideas.
  • Higher quality will be attained by staying on a budget.
  • Execution of development will process better.
Project Management Medical Industry

Project management works wonders in the medical industry. It is quite essential to implement it in such a business. It helps in controlling the costs and also in reducing the risk, the outcomes are improved too. In project management, it does the whole process very effectively, so everything goes systematically as it is supposed to run. In the medical industry, different small projects are going on, in some you need to build up a whole new industry which involves from building the hospital to buying every single equipment to be used.

Project management is essentially needed in the healthcare industry to secure the project you are working on. The medical industry is a compassionate part of our lives so therefore it should be planned and executed correctly. The risk factor should be decidedly less or negligible as it is a matter of treating people’s lives. It manages how health care is provided to all the patients. Financial benefits should always be kept in mind and calculated way before time.  New technologies have come therefore while you are searching out for machinery you should make it cost-effective and try to implement the newer technologies for various projects. 

Additional problems such as the stakeholders and limitations that occur on a regular basis resulting in a need for project management in medical industry. Project managers need to keep all sorts of aspects in time so that they can achieve the patient’s safety, privacy and their quality of treatment.


  • It helps in the betterment of patient’s treatment.
  • Keeps a good track of healthcare industry.
  • Risks are measured way before time.
  • New technologies have been implemented in the industry.
Project management in the manufacturing industry

The markets out in the town have a lot of competition to deal with. Project managers keep that in mind and look for new innovative ideas which work out best for the manufacturing industry. The quality and schedule both are monitored, so you don’t have to compromise on anything. There are various manufacturing industries which are related to all sorts. Some are related to energy, or some may be related to food. All of them should have a project manager so that all the data is initiated sorted out.

Planning of how much of raw material could be used or how much of the investment is needed at the start. The outcome and benefits are calculated separately. Once all of these are in pace, then the execution of project takes place, and the items start getting manufactured. Monitoring is done by the monitor heads, and they make sure to keep the quality 100% as the consumers would like. Closure of program is the last step when the items are ready to dispatch.


  • It optimizes the progress of the project.
  • Keeps track of the risks involved.
  • Always reduces the time wastage of unnecessary emailing.
  • It saves a lot of money and effort.
  • Keeps all team members on the same page.
The markets in which bdtronic is active

There are different markets in which bdtronic is active; they help in making tough decisions easier. Provides the company with best possible solutions for all the problems out there and also understand all the specifications and requirements of different companies.

It helps out various companies in planning and executing the project, the main areas where project management is most important is listed below;

  • Automotive industry
  • Filter industry
  • Renewable industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electric and hybrid industry
  • Food industry
  • Medical industry
  • Manufacturing industry

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