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We are bdtronic, formerly known as Bartec Dispensing Technology. We are a one of the world's leading machine manufactures in the high end dispensing and impregnation industry. We excel in dispensing reactive and highly filled resins, as well as plasma technology and production automation and hot riveting.

We have locations in Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America with a production location in Germany and one in the USA. We have a global customer base, serving manufacturers with our high complexity equipment in a multitude of markets including the automotive, electronics, medical technology, renewable energy industries and more.

We are a company of MAX Automation SE which develops and delivers customized automation solutions to a global customer base.

See what sets us apart and discover if our technologies and services can add value to your automation processes. If you would like to get into contact with us, please fill out our easy to use form today.


We offer a technical head start

bdtronic philosophy your leading partner


We make complexity simple

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We offer more than expected

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How we work

We work customer oriented, process oriented, cost oriented and results-oriented to meet your requirements.

What sets us apart

We are a turnkey solution provider.

Each project has a personal project manager responsible from start to final delivery of the machine or system. We offer individual customer service and worldwide service and support.

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