Mixing units for dispensing applications


Dispensing Methods

Mixing units for dispensing applications

Static and dynamic mixing

The selection of the mixing system for multi-component reactive casting resins is determined by processing parameters such as viscosity, mixing ratios, pot life and chemical-physical properties. We use different mixing principles.

Adhesives, sealants and potting products are used in numerous industries. In particular, they are used in the automotive, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries. There, they have to meet high quality standards. Multi-component materials (so-called 2-component (2K) media) must be mixed precisely. The decisive factor for the functionality of these reaction casting resins is to combine the components resin and hardener in the correct mixing ratio and to mix them to form a homogeneous end product. Depending on the properties of the casting resin, different processes are required for this, each of which can be individually adapted. bdtronic offers both static and dynamic mixing processes for metering applications to achieve perfect results for every application.

Static mixing

This mixing method is suitable for low-viscosity to pasty media with abrasive fillers and a longer pot life. This system is characterized by minimal space and weight requirements. The material streams are mixed in a mixing tube.


No cleaning process necessary

Minimal space and weight requirements


High mixing quality even with difficult mixing ratios with Duplex+ MULTI-STRING©

Low viscosity to pasty media

Filled & unfilled media

Abrasive & non-abrasive fillers

Dynamic mixing

This mixing process is suitable for low to medium viscosity media. In dynamic mixing, reactive resins with large viscosity differences can be mixed and a mixing ratio of 100:1 is possible. The mixing is realized in a mixing chamber, with rotating agitators with up to 6,000 rpm.


Large viscosity differences can be mixed

Low pressure in the material system

High mixing speeds are possible

Highest mixing quality


Very high mixing quality even with the most difficult mixing ratios

Suitable for materials with short pot life

Low to medium viscosity media

Filled & unfilled media

Abrasive & non-abrasive fillers

What factors influence the right selection of the mixing units?

The choice of mixing method depends on the nature of the casting resin. A number of relevant factors come together here. The better the mixing process is adjusted to the casting resins, the better the result in production. The choice of the right mixing unit depends in particular on these factors.

Difference in viscosity

The viscosity of casting resins ranges from liquid to pasty. Mixing components with the same viscosity can be as difficult as mixing components with different viscosities. For example, if both resins are very pasty. Dynamic mixing units are best suited for mixing casting resins with different viscosities.


The abrasiveness describes the degree of wear caused by the casting resin. bdtronic has been successfully using eccentric screw  pumps for the application of abrasive materials for many decades. In comparison to other pump systems, this one offers significant advantages due to its robust and low-wear technology. The inner design of the pump is specially designed for abrasive media. Different stator geometries made of different elastomers and rotors with special coatings such as ceramic or diamond-like carbon DLC extend the service life of the dispensing system and reduce maintenance intervals.

Pot life

After mixing resin and hardener, the reactive volume is subject to a time-limited processing time, since the chemical reaction of hardening already starts from the first contact of resin and hardener and thus leads to a more or less rapid increase in viscosity. This time interval is referred to as the pot life.

The pot life describes the period of time in which the casting resin can be processed. For components with a longer pot life, static mixing units are particularly suitable.

Mixings units from bdtronic

High-quality mixing units are needed in many industries. There are a number of optimization possibilities here. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, bdtronic is able to supply systems that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

In doing so, we meet the highest quality standards with all components. Because every industry has different requirements and faces different challenges - our expertise in many industries means we can always provide you with high-quality solutions.

In addition, we work for each order and each project in a customer-oriented as well as process-oriented manner. We also always focus on working in an economical and goal-oriented manner. Thanks to our worldwide service, we can support you for orders of any size and at any location.

Contact our sales team for more information. Together we will find the right configuration for your dispensing application.
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